The sector entailing foundations in an area of high seismic and hydrogeological risk, is becoming increasingly important. This is because the correct selection and execution of all subsoil works which make up the root of the building, directly influence subsequent maintenance costs and the overall quality of the work.

Modern drilling methods that respect the environment combined with correct use of all the instruments offered by modern geo-technology to the construction and consolidation sector, ensure a real guarantee in terms of the long-life, safety and environmental compatibility of the executed works.


Micropiles are used for general soil consolidation and that is why they have become widely successful in sub-foundation works and in the anchorage field.




The drains are fissured pipes in PVC, fitted in sub-horizontal holes or slightly inclined upward. They are produced by powerful, highly versatile hydraulic machines. Horizontal drains are often combined with the installation of other types of both deep and surface drainage systems.

Spritz Beton

Mix Injection